Cyrus Marion Rambo
Cyrus M. Rambo M.D.
Harry M. Rambo M.D.(Son)
Florence Rambo(Daughter)
The TB & Respiratory Clinic

Serves as the official tuberculosis registry for Muskingum County

Tuberculosis is an infectious, highly contagious disease, which most often damages the lungs. Often thought of as a disease of the past, TB is still with us and has been on the increase for the past several years.

The Clinic provides free education, detection, prevention and treatment for tuberculosis. These services are offered in schools, nursing homes, business and industry, senior citizen centers, and various other locations in the community, as well as in the Clinic.

Educational information and follow-up service is provided by our trained professionals to patients with abnormal results. The results may be forwarded to the primary care physician, or reviewed by the Clinic Medical Director, as necessary.

The Rambo Memorial Health Center staff works with the medical community and other local agencies to provide FREE quality health care to residents of Muskingum County, with a respiratory diagnosis, who are uninsured, underinsured, and/or have no local physician. Fees are based on income, see our financial assistance program guidelines. For more information about financial assistance programs for prescription medication visit: Medication Assistance Program.

The Clinic charges a nominal fee for non-respiratory screening tests provided by the Muskingum Respiratory Care Association. Out-of-county residents may take advantage of our services for a small charge.


Cyrus M. Rambo M.D.

Community Physician For More Than 50 Years
The History Of

Rambo Memorial Health Center

Prior To - 1954

The building at 53 South Fourth Street was originally the home and office of the late Cyrus M. Rambo M.D. Dr. Rambo serviced the community as a physician for more than fifty years. The Rambo’s had a sincere empathy for the victims of tuberculosis because this once dreaded disease had claimed the lives of several members of their family.

In - 1954

In 1954 the building was given to the Muskingum County Tuberculosis Association as a memorial to Dr. Rambo. It formerly housed the Muskingum Respiratory Care Association and the Muskingum TB & Respiratory Clinic, until their recent move to 711 Main Street to provide improved accessibility and expansion of services.

The Respiratory Care Association is funded primarily through an annual Yule Time Seal Campaign. These funds provide the Clinic with auxiliary support not covered by tax monies.

The TB & Respiratory Clinic receives support from the residents of Muskingum County through a property tax levy. All respiratory services are provided FREE of charge to all residents of Muskingum County. Out of County residents may utilize, both respiratory and non-respiratory services, for a nominal fee.

Present Day

Rambo Memorial Health Center still maintains the same goals as set by the founders aimed at the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of tuberculosis. Today these goals have been expanded to encompass other pulmonary diseases as well. Both the Association and the Clinic are united in achieving these endeavors.

Rambo Memorial Health Center reivew from Jim.

Usually we get in and out pretty fast. Some paperwork you can find on their website and fill out ahead of time. Generally have had great experience.


Rambo Memorial Health Center reivew from Dan.

I wasn’t even there for services; I was filming a commercial. If the way the staff assisted me is any indication of the way they serve others, this is definitely an organization I would seek out for their services. Very friendly and helpful!